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Remanufactured Terminals from VECMAR Computer Solutions

Quality Terminal Remanufacture & Repair at Unbeatable Savings: Wyse, Adds, Dec, Link & Boundless

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Choose Remanufactured Terminals: Same High Quality Plus Unbeatable Savings

Take us for a test drive - we'll send you a fully Remanufactured terminal on trial. Use it for up to two weeks. If you don't agree that these Remanufactured terminals are as good (if not better) than new, call us for an RA (Return Authorization), no questions asked. Shop Wyse, ADDS, Link, DEC or NCR now.

Stringent Terminal Remanufacturing Process Ensures Quality Remanufactured Terminals

At Vecmar Computer Solutions, every terminal must meet our stringent standards, which are often more demanding than the original manufacturer's. Since 1990 Vecmar has been perfecting our terminal remanufacturing process. Once you've tried us we think you'll agree - it's the best out there.

Get More Out of your Existing Terminals (& your Hardware Budget)

Ask us about Repairing or Servicing your Existing Terminals. Give your existing terminals a new lease on life: when we repair your terminals they are fully Remanufactured and returned to you better than new! You get better than new terminals at a fraction of the price. Changing brands or models? Trade-in your existing terminals for credit toward your order. If you have any questions, please feel free to email, call (800-457-8499 or 440-953-1119) or fax us (440-953-8341). Schedule repair or service now.

The Best Remanufactured Terminal Warranty in the Industry

You'll find our Remanufactured terminals are of the highest quality - and a FREE 2-Yr warranty on each terminal proves it.

Tour the Terminal Remanufacturing Process - from Start to Finish

Read on to learn how Vecmar gives you the best Remanufactured terminals for your budgeted hardware dollars.

    Step 1:

    We find the best terminals and make them available to you better than new. Each terminal we remanufacture comes from qualified sources and we choose only the best terminals among them. Ask us about repairing or fully remanufacturing your company's terminals, or trade your existing terminals in for credit toward your order.

    Step 2:

    As terminals arrive at Vecmar for remanufacture, they are carefully unpacked and separated. Terminals are sorted into various models and categories. Units with bad tubes or keyboards are marked for replacement. A VSN number (VECMAR SERIAL NUMBER) is assigned to each terminal as it enters our facility. This crucial step supports the entire remanufacturing processes. With it we can easily track and learn from the life of each terminal. All steps of the process are constantly reviewed - this allows us to identify and eliminate many potential warranty issues before they even occur.

    Step 3:

    Our skilled technicians upgrade each terminal with high grade components. In fact, our expert factory authorized repair technicians upgrade and replace up to thirty five individual electronic components including the capacitors, flybacks, resistors, transistors and other electronic components in each terminal.Updated processor chips are installed to assure full compatibility with newer systems.

    Step 4:

    Our Keyboards are tested by a high volume, pressure sensitive testing machine. This machine is the same keyboard testing machine used by Wyse and NCR to test the life cycle of new keyboards before they are approved for Wyse and NCR workstations.

    Step 5:

    Terminal plastic parts are meticulously cleaned and painted factory colors. Terminals are carefully monitored and burned in for twenty four hours. Following the initial burn in, terminals are reassembled and adjusted before another twenty four hour burn in. Two full days of burn in are crucial to the long life and proper functioning of a terminal monitor.

    Step 6:

    With the remanufacturing process complete, terminals and keyboards are sealed in antistatic plastic and carefully packed in specially constructed boxes for shipment. We take extra care to make certain that every terminal we ship is 100% Remanufactured to the highest standards and we back every Remanufactured terminal with a 2-yr warranty.

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