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How to choose a Thin Client

How to Choose a Thin Client

Learn more about Thin Clients

How do you choose the right Thin Client for you?

Thin clients fall into 5 general categories: Basic, Robust, Flexible, Mobile and Legacy. Review the brief descriptions below to determine which type of thin client is best for you. Then click through to review the models within each category. Please call us at 800-457-8499 or 440-953-1119 or email us with any questions - we're happy to help.

  • Basic Thin Clients:

  • Featuring: RDP, ICA and optional terminal emulation.

    Need a Basic appliance-like device to access server-based Windows applications? You can't beat basic thin clients' excellent performance and great low prices.

    If you need a browser, you'll need to look at Flexible and Robust thin clients.

    • simplest client to use with server based computing
    • low price and good performance
    • able to run multi-user Windows on a centrally managed server using either the Citrix ICA or the Microsoft RDP protocol to remotely display on a user's desktop what is running on the server.
    • Wyse BlazerTM and other Wyse display-based Operating Systems (OS)
    • some available emulations: ICA 6 and RDP 5, NFuse Lite Client resident
    • may be suggest these models: Wyse Winterm 1125SE, Wyse Winterm 1200LE

    Think this might be the thin client type you need? Learn more and view the entire Basic thin client model list.

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  • Robust Thin Clients:

  • Featuring: RDP, ICA, terminal emulation and a built-in basic browser.

    Robust thin clients boast a built in basic web browser, so your users can run web applications without placing an extra burden on your servers. Because Robust thin clients support Citrix NFuse and your legacy dumb terminal emulations they are a terffic way to offer users access to basic intranet HTML pages and to replace green-screen terminals.

    If you need to access the Web in general, consider moving to Flexible thin clients.

    • Windows-based terminal with a browser and NFuse support
    • low price and good functionality
    • built-in Internet Explorer browser for access to web-based applications
    • Windows® CE and Windows CE .NET OS
    • Some available emulations: Wyse WY-60, WY-50, WY-50+; IBM TN3270e, TN5250, 3151; DEC VT420; ADDS A2; Hazeltine 1500; RDP resident; ICA 3 resident; SCO Console resident
    • May be suggest these models: Wyse Winterm 3125SE, Wyse Winterm 3235LE, Wyse Winterm 3360SE, Wyse Winterm 3730LE

    Think this might be the thin client type you need? Learn more and view the entire Robust thin client model list.

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  • Flexible Thin Clients:

    Featuring: rich Internet browsing and the ability to run applications locally.

    If your users need the latest, greatest and richest general Internet Web browsing plus the ability to run applications locally Flexible thin clients are for you. Because Flexible thin clients are based on operating systems like Microsoft Windows NT Embedded, XP Embedded and Linux, they can run applications locally, right on the client, instead of on the server.

    Think this might be the thin client type you need? Learn more and view the entire Flexible thin client model list.

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Choose Vecmar Computer Solutions to install, deploy and support your thin client networks.

Please contact one of our account executives to discuss your specific needs: call 800- 457-8499 or 440-953-1119 or email us.

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