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Existing Network or Thin Clients

Intro to Network Applications & Thin Clients

Overview of Thin Client Services

Thin Client Services enable rapid delivery of business-critical applications across the extended enterprise, including over the Web and across a variety of other networks. Thin Client Services dramatically simplifies application deployment and management. Users can access corporate applications from a multitude of devices: thin-client terminals, PCs, workstations, handheld devices, and systems configured with minimal memory.

On the client side, users see and work with familiar application interfaces. The application itself executes completely on the server, guaranteeing high application performance for all users, including those accessing over low-bandwidth connections. Thin Client Services improve application reach, speed, and predictability while lowering the costs of both deployment and ongoing management. Long term visions for TCS include the ongoing additional integration of new program products as well as the addition of new local and remote clients.

Extend The Reach Of Corporate Applications

Vecmar brings Thin Client computing to the entire enterprise including local offices, regional offices, and remote users. The delivery of this service is not restricted by bandwidth availability. In fact, the same quality of service can be provided to clients who's connection rate may be as low as a 28K modem.

What is Thin Client Computing?

Thin Client computing is a logical, efficient evolution of today's networking environments that gives organizations a way to extend resources, simplify application deployment and administration, and lower the total cost of application ownership. With Thin Client computing, applications are deployed, managed, supported, and executed completely on a server, requiring fewer IT resources and support.

Client devices, whether "fat" or "thin," have instant access to business-critical applications on the server-without application rewrites or downloads. Because Thin Client computing works within the current computing infrastructure and standards, it is rapidly becoming the most reliable way to reduce the complexity and total cost of enterprise computing.

Please contact one of our account executives to discuss your specific needs: call 800-457-8499 or 440-953-1119 or email us.

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