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Thin Client Solutions -- Affordable and Reliable

Thin Client Solutions from VecmarThin clients deliver the productivity and application flexibility of a PC without the PC downsides of high service costs, low reliability, and short product life. A thin client is an "intelligent" version of a dumb terminal -- a dedicated, solid state device that only processes KVM and sound locally. Because these systems are designed with no moving parts that can break down or lose data, your company's thin client system will have greater data security and virus resistance compared to a PC set up, and it will be more reliable. They are also quiet, easy-to-deploy, and simple to manage remotely. 

Unbeatable Savings and Reliability

When you buy thin clients from Vecmar Computer Solutions, you can save as much as 35% - 50% off list prices. In addition, you can save even more using our trade-in plan

New and Remanufactured Inventory Ready for Immediate Delivery

Ordering from our huge inventory of Wyse Winterm and Unisys WinPath thin clients means your order can often ship same day. Your products will be protected with careful packing, including double-walled boxes. Our shipping department is experienced and proficient at importing and exporting product anywhere in the world. All shipping options - including international - are available through major carriers. 

Guaranteed 3-year warranty -- Premier Remanufacturing and Service

You'll receive a 3-year warranty on new and remanufactured Wyse Winterm and Unisys WinPaths.  Since 1990 Vecmar has been perfecting our  thin client remanufacturing process

You'll discover all the models we remanufacture are selected from qualified sources. Vecmar's skilled, certified technicians upgrade each system to guarantee proper operation and full compatibility with newer systems. In preparation for remanufacture, each Wyse Winterm and Unisys WinPath is assigned a VSN (Vecmar Serial Number). It is used to collect and analyze data at every step in the lifecycle of a product to ensure exceptional, long-term service. 

When you buy from Vecmar, you're dealing with a Wyse Winterm and Unisys WinPaths Authorized Service Center and Authorized Repair Center.  Ask us about repairing or fully remanufacturing your company's Wyse Winterm and Unisys WinPaths . 

Ordering Information

To order any of our new or remanufactured thin clients call us at 800-457-8499 or 440-953-1119 or e-mail us. Your purchase order, with credit approval, is welcome, as well as all major credit cards. 

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