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Welcome to the Vecmar Computer Solutions Thin Client Directory

Learn the basics, how to choose the right system, and why Vecmar's value-added technical support and remanufacturing services are on the cutting-edge of the thin-client-supplier industry.

As you read through our site, if you have any questions about thin clients in general; system configuration; warranties; or our remanufacturing, support, and used equipment buy-back programs, call us at 800-457-8499 or e-mail us.

Click these links for more thin client information:

  • Buy Wyse Winterm Thin Clients -- Complete listing of our current line of Wyse Winterm Thin Clients. View, compare and purchase.
  • What is a Thin Client? -- Explanations for the beginner, expert, and everyone in between. Whether you are just learning or an expert, this page simply defines the thin client.
  • Are Thin Clients Right for You? - Make the right decision by answering questions like: when should I choose a Thin Client over a PC and vice versa? Plus a checklist to learn if thin clients are right for you.
  • How to Choose a Thin Client - Need help choosing the thin terminal that's right for you? Then compare your needs to these lists, which highlight the different products that best offer benefits like simplicity, power, flexibility.
      • Basic Thin Clients - Basic appliance-like device accesses server-based Windows applications via RDP and ICA.
      • Robust Thin Clients - Offers RDP & ICA, plus terminal emulations and a built in browser to run local web applications.
      • Flexible Thin Clients - RDP, ICA, terminal emulations, full Internet Explorer browser, with multimedia plug-in support and the ability to run applications locally .
      • Legacy Thin Clients - Supported discontinued models.
  • Thin Client Professional Services and Consulting - Save IT time and money with services like fully configured thin clients, direct shipment, pre-installation of applications, custom configuration and setup, repair and remanufacture, and used-equipment trade in.
  • No Risk Thin Client Trial -- Contact us for a no risk trial. Your purchase order, with credit approval, is welcome, as well as all major credit cards. Click here to Buy Now or click here to Schedule Service.
  • Thin Client 3-yr warranty - Only Vecmar gives you a Three Year Warranty on all your remanufactured Thin Client Terminal purchases. We pay shipping to us and back to your location.
  • FREE Expert Technical Service with every Thin Client - Vecmar offers free expert technical service with all our products including thin clients, servers, terminals and printers. Our knowledgeable technical specialists are glad to guide you through product selection, installation, and configuration.
  • Wyse Winterm Authorized Reseller & Service Center - Chosen by Wyse as a Wyse® Authorized Winterm™ Reseller and Authorized Winterm™ Service Center, Vecmar was recognized by Wyse as a leading value-added reseller and consultant.
  • Thin Client Remanufacture - Since 1990, Vecmar has been perfecting the remanufacturing process of thin clients and our expert, factory-authorized repair technicians upgrade and replace up to 35 individual electronic components. Each unit goes through our proprietary internal tracking system, which collects and analyzes data at every step in the remanufacturing lifecycle.
  • Get Cash or Credit for your Thin Clients - Trade in your equipment for credit toward current or future purchases or sell us your old, broken, or surplus systems and peripherals for cash.
  • More in-depth information on Wyse Winterms, thin clients, and terminals - Winterms are designed with no moving parts that can break down or lose data, they deliver greater data security and virus resistance, and have significantly increased reliability versus a PC.
  • Citrix -- Resources quick list for Citrix products.
  • Other articles about the features and characteristics of thin clients are available in the Vecmar Insider Newsletter Archive.

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