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6 Ways to Stretch Your IT Budget

6 Ways to Stretch Your IT Budget

It's the start of the 4th quarter and you realize that you have barely put a dent in your 2016 project list.

Plans went off course early and you had to spend money from your IT budget on things you didn't plan for.

Now your boss approaches you and asks when you are going to complete all of the IT projects you planned last January?

Sound familiar?

It certainly does, especially if those projects can have an impact on revenue and the bottom line.

Here are 6 things you could/should be doing to get to the finish line.

1.   Clean Your IT Devices Regularly:  Every industry, every company, and every store depends on their technology to service and transact with customers. Any device that does not work properly will slow down or prevent you from doing business, and your company can lose money. Studies have proven that many devices aren't broken, they are just dirty. Cleaning cards, wipes, pens, and swabs are a fast, economical and a cost effective means of cleaning equipment and maintaining efficiency. This will save you money both short and long term.

2.   Buy Extended Warranties:  When devices break down, don't throw them away, or replace them with new ones, have them repaired. A good extended warranty will ensure that you get years of performance satisfaction from the products you purchase. Also, find a repair facility that doesn't just repair the broken parts on your device but also disassembles measurable components and tests them. Make sure they will replace any failed or wearable parts identified during the diagnostic phase and replaces them with new parts. This minimizes any future disruptions and provides greater value for your equipment.

3.   Upgrade From Depot Exchange Extended Warranties To Advance Exchange Warranties:  Advance Exchange warranties provide replacement hardware when a service call is placed - allowing you to return the defective equipment after the replacement product is received. This will save you money and minimize down-time. A good Advance Exchange warranty will cover the shipping both ways and offer same day shipping.

4.   Replace IT Devices With The Same Model:  Instead of upgrading each time a new model comes out, extend your budget by replacing them with the same model. A search of the internet will show that older/existing models may still be out there. This also provides a sustainable recycling business model that also helps reduce costs and eliminate any installation, configuration, troubleshooting, training and maintenance problems associated with acquiring new equipment.

5.   Recycle Old Equipment:  According to the National Center for Electronics Recycling, there are currently 25 states with electronics recycling laws. To stay in compliance, you should recycle your old devices. Electronics can pollute the air and water when they are disposed with regular waste and because technology is advancing at such a quick pace, it is now one of the fastest growing sources of pollution. Recycling helps companies execute their sustainability programs and provides a positive corporate image. Also, many recyclers will pay for old equipment allowing you to re-invest that money into your budget.

6.   Purchase Remanufactured Devices:  You can extend the life of IT hardware by purchasing remanufactured devices. This reduces environmental impacts and making IT equipment accessible to more people. Also, when strict IT budgets prohibit buying new technology, or the business requires prior-generation equipment, remanufactured products offer a great solution with prices up to 60% less than new equipment. Remanufactured products come from various sources, including customer returns and canceled orders, demonstration and trial units, overstocks, products damaged during shipping, and lease returns. These products are carefully inspected, remanufactured and re-boxed to offer a high quality, low-cost solution.

Find companies that have many years of experience, use the highest quality cleaning equipment on each device, and offer extensive warranties to back up their work. By Integrating one or all of these options you will have more flexibility with your annual IT budget and provide greater efficiency within your IT operation.

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