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Remanufactured Wyse Winterms

Wyse Winterm Remanufacturing

Premier processes & obsessive attention to detail saves you money and ensures top quality product.

email, call 800-457-8499 or 440-953-1119 for more info or to schedule the remanufacture of your Wyse Winterms.

Since 1990 keeping close watch on the details has been the Vecmar standard. Incessant attention to detail keeps our prices low so you save big.

Here's the short list of why you'll save big and sleep better when you choose Vecmar:

  • all remanufactured thin client terminals are backed by a 3-year warranty
  • all current Field Engineering Bulletin (FEB) upgrades are done
  • components are new and to original specifications
  • cathode ray tube is new ­ no screen burn
  • plastics are like new ­ no major cosmetic defects
  • product passes Wyse Technology¹s Quality Assurance inspection
  • product is packaged in original Wyse packaging
  • includes power cord and set up manual
  • superior proprietary terminal testing software
  • cutting edge keyboard testing equipment (the same equipment used by Wyse & NCR)
  • proprietary internal system tracks each and every unit through it's lifecycle - resulting in Remanufactured product which is better than the original manufacturer's
  • expertise from more than a decade of experience
Vecmar Shop Floor

Expert Remanufacturing Perfected Over more than a Decade & Backed by Industry Leading 3-year Warranty

Since 1990 Vecmar has been tirelessly perfecting our remanufacturingprocess. You’ll find our Remanufactured product of the highest quality – as proof you'll enjoy industry leading warranties made possible by exacting internal processes and remanufacturing standards. All Remanufactured & new Wyse Winterms are covered by a  3-yr warranty.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email, call or fax us.

Continuous Improvement via Proprietary Tracking

The Wyse Winterms we remanufacture for you are selected from qualified sources with many models to choose from.

Each Wyse Winterm goes through our proprietary internal tracking system and is assigned a VSN (Vecmar Serial Number).  It is used to collect and analyze data at every step in the lifecycle. All aspects of a unit's lifecycle is easily tracked and potential warranty issues are eliminated before they occur. This crucial step allows for the continuous improvement that allows us to remanufacture units to standards often more exacting than the original manufacturer's.

Up to 35 Electronic Components Upgraded & Replaced by Factory Authorized Technicians

Our expert factory authorized repair technicians upgrade and replace up to 35 individual electronic components including the capacitors, flybacks, resistors, transistors and other electronic components in each Winterm to insure proper operation.  Updated processor chips are installed to assure full compatibility with newer systems. Vecmar’s skilled, certified technicians upgrade each item to guarantee proper operation and full compatibility with newer systems, then fully test each Wyse Winterm.

Proprietary Terminal Testing Software

When we couldn't find terminal testing software that met our high standards we wrote our own. More than ten years of experience drove this development. Constant attention to details like these keep our prices super competitive so you save big.

Cutting EdgeTechnology in Keyboard Testing used by Wyse

Keyboards are tested by a pressure sensitive keyboard testing machine. This is the same machine developed to test the life cycle of new keyboards before they are approved for Wyse and NCR workstations.

Like New - Completely Cleaned and Painted

Plastic parts are cleaned and painted with factory colors. Wyse Winterms are meticulously monitored and tested via our proprietary methods to ensure long life.

Sealed in Antistatic Plastic & Shipped in Double Walled Boxes

With the remanufacturing process complete, Wyse Winterm terminals and keyboards are sealed in antistatic plastic and carefully packed in specially constructed boxes for shipment. We take extra care to make certain that every thin client terminal we ship is 100% Remanufactured to the highest standards and we back every Wyse Winterm with an unprecedented 3-year warranty.

Breathe new life into your existing computer hardware!

Ask us about remanufacturing your terminals, thin client terminals and printers.

Your Center for Service & Repair

Ask us about repairing or fully remanufacturing your company’s terminals, thin client terminals, printers and NCR systems. Or call 800-457-8499 or 440-953-1119, we'd be happy to discuss your equipment needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email, call or fax us.

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