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Epson DFX-5000 Plus

Mfg Part#(s): P810A
Product Condition & Pricing
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• 1 Year Warranty
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  • Product Information for the Epson DFX-5000 Plus
Brief Description of the Epson DFX-5000 Plus Epson DFX-5000+, 560CPS Dot Matrix Printer, Dual Tractor, Serial & Parallel Interfaces, 1 Year Warranty

Epson DFX 5000+

At 560 characters per second in high speed draft mode, the Epson DFX-5000+ business printer is undeniably fast. And, it also has brains. It detects paper thickness of up to six part forms and adjusts the print head automatically to prevent paper jams. Convenient features include top-of-form memory in 1/216 inch increments and easy switching between front and rear paper paths.

Features of the Epson DFX-5000 Plus

  • Printing Method: 9-pin impace wide carrage
  • Interfaces: Parallel and Serial Interfaces
  • Print Speed:
  • High Speed Draft 560 cps (10cpi)
  • Draft 504 cps (12cpi)
  • Near Letter Quality 101 cps(12 cpi)
  • Character Sets 13 international, 11 code tables, 2 character tables (IBM)
  • Paper Paths: Dual push tractors/paper paths; automatic back out and loading; automatic paper thickness width adjustment optional pull tractor
  • Paper Feed Speed: 17ms/line at 1/6" line feeding; 10" per second continuous feed; 26ms/line intermittent speed
  • Maximum Forms:
  • Front Original + 5 copies
  • Rear Original + 3 copies
  • Input Buffer 0KB or 20KB (selectable)
  • Emulations ESC/P; IBM ProPrinter II standard
  • Dimensions 14.5" H x 15.0" D 27.6" W, 63.9 lb
  • Voltage 103.5 to 132V AC
  • Sound Level 55 dB (A)
  • Print Head Life 300 million characters @ 14 dots per character
  • MTBF 8000 POH @ 25% duty cycle

Questions about the Epson DFX-5000 Plus ?

We can help. For more information about the Epson DFX-5000 Plus , or any of our products and services, call us at 1.800.457.8499 or email us.

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