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Symbol MC3090

Mfg Part#(s): MC3090R-LC48S00GER
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  • Product Information for the Symbol MC3090
Brief Description of the Symbol MC3090 MC3090 barcode scanner, 802.11b/g wireless

Symbol MC3090 Barcode Scanner

The Symbol MC3090 series builds upon the success of the MC30000 series by delivering 802.11a/b/g capability, improved WLAN Security options, the latest CE .NET operating system and the introduction of a new form factor for this family - the MC3090 G, with integrated trigger handle.The MC3090 features a 320x320 resolution, a standard 1D laser scanner or 2D imager, integrated 28, 38 and 48 key keypads and a 16.2 watt-hours smart Lithium-ion battery. The MC3090 is also rated for toughness - able to withstand 4' drops and over 500 1/2-meter tumbles.The Symbol MC3090 is ideal for both simple retail use and demanding industrial applications.

Features of the Symbol MC3090

  • Model: Symbol / Motorola MC3090
  • Condition: Remanufactured
  • Keys: 48 KEY Keypad
  • Wireless Data Communications
  • WLAN Symbol Spectrum 24, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g
  • Output Power 100 mW U.S. and international
  • Data Rate 802.11b: 11 MB per second 802.11g: 54 MB per second 802.11a: 54 MB per second
  • Antenna Internal

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