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Link MC3+Terminal

Link Technology
 Link Technology
Mfg Part#(s): 34-102-305-005
Product Condition & Pricing
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  • Product Information for the Link MC3+Terminal
Brief Description of the Link MC3+TerminalThe Link MC3+ has been discontinued.
More Information about the Link MC3+TerminalLooking for a replacement option?
Try our General Purpose Terminal Replacement


The Link MC3+. Exceptional functionality at a great price.

The MC3+ has a flat profile screen to reduce glare: overscanned video to eliminate distracting dark borders; super fast 78 Hz refresh rate to eliminate flicker, and large contrast and brightness controls on the front panel for easy access. Versatility is an important feature of the MC3+ it emulates a full range of ASCII modes (Wyse 50+/60 TeleVideo 925,950/955; and ADDS View- point and Viewpoint 60); ANSI (DEC VT220/VT100/VT52 and ANSI.SYS); and PCTerm. Plus the MC3+ comes with inter- changeable keyboards, serial port, and a PC-compatible parallel printer port. In fact, everything about the MC3+ is designed to keep functionality at its highest.

Features of the Link MC3+Terminal

  • CPU: 60 Hz 8032 Multiprocessor
  • MEMORY: 14 Kb RAM
  • VIDEO: up to 7 Pages of Screen Memory in embedded attribute mode or 2 pages maximum non-embedded modes.
  • VIDEO PROCESSOR: Custom ASIC CRT Controller Chip
  • INPUT: Auto-Sensing
  • RANGE: 94-264 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz
  • INRUSH: Spec not Available
  • CONSUMPTION: Spec not Available
  • FUSE: 250V, 1.5A Fast Blow
  • MONITOR SIZE: 14 in diagonal flat CRT
  • IMAGE SIZE: has overscan
  • COLORS: (green), (amber), (white)
  • RESOLUTION: 800 x 416 pixels maximum
  • PERSONALITIES: Wyse WY-60, WY-50+ Televideo: 925+, 910, 955, 950 ADDS VP, 60 DEC: VT-220-7, 220-8, 100, 52
  • SCREEN: 26 (24 data, 1 status, 1 setup) x 80/132
  • CURSOR: Block, underline, none; with or without blinking.
  • Multinational, ISO Latin, DEC Multinational character sets.
  • CHARACTER CELL: 10x16 cell (60 Hz x 26 Row), 10x13 cell (78 Hz x 26 Row), 10x9 cell (60 Hz x 46 Row)
  • ATTRIBUTES: Normal, Dim, blink, blank, underline, reverse / protect, double-high, double-wide and combinations. Selectable Character, Full screen embedded, or line embedded.
  • ADJUSTMENTS: Tilt & Swivel Base
  • USER CONTROLS: On/Off Switch, Brightness and contrast
  • KEYBOARD TYPE: Detached, adjustable, low profile.
  • OPTIONS: Choice of ASCII, ANSI, US EPC or International EPC
  • TERMINAL: 12.5 in H x 12.2 in W x 13.4 in D, 320 mm 310 mm 340 mm
  • WEIGHT: 25 LBS.
  • SAFETY: UL and CSA
  • EMI/RFI: FCC Class A, IEC 950 ZH1/618 GS
  • EMISSIONS: (Optional) VDE Class B, CISPR-B, and MPR II.
  • ASCII Keyboard 50-102-000-100 (900127-09)
  • ANSI Keyboard 50-120-000-101 (900244-09)
  • EPC Keyboard 50-120-000-102 (900233-21)
  • IEPC Keyboard 50-120-000-104 (900233-30)
  • REPC Keyboard 50-120-000-103 (900233-46)
  • Asynchronous Bidirectional Serial Port.
  • RS232 DB25F. baud rates to 115.2 Kbps.
  • PRINTER: One Centronics Parallel compatible DB-25F printer Port.

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